How to Get a Talking Character for Your Website

The first thing you expect to see when you surf the net and look at web pages is the almost magical graphical designs and interface people create to trim their sites with, what you usually desire to see in a site is some sort of calling card to distinguish it from the rest, especially if it is yours. You must be thinking hard on how to get a talking character for your website, something to entertain your visitors and keep them intrigued with your webpage depicting you or possibly your company and the product it possibly sells.

There many ways on how to get a talking character for your website and it depends greatly on certain preferences. The most commonly used form of visual graphics is none other than the .GIF looping pixel sprite. It is a recurring graphical image that would loop over and over in an unending cycle being made of only pixels at the range of 8 to 16 bits. Most personal websites utilize this form as it is easy to attach via HTML /CSS coding unlike the other more sophisticated and advanced graphically designed mascots made to interact with you on the click of a mouse.

3-D graphics is a design that can deliver adequate graphical realism if you needed a three dimensional talking character mascot that can move via skeletons made of wires within shapes. It works with three different view points and a unique fourth one when in the construction process in which you can create various shapes like spheres and polygons that you reshape and model after the form you want to make. One way to get a talking character is to make one.

Another method to get a talking website character is to buy a program to be one. You can easily purchase programs to give you the real-time puppeteering mechanics of new, innovative programs that give you a chance to modify even a simple picture into a live talking character with a voice over. More conventionally used by bigger companies and gaming productions, this method is costly and may require a lot of time and effort into putting the pictures into graphical use along side recording various sound files to give the talking character suitable dialogue for each interactive action it has to perform when clicked on.

The most simplest form on how to get a talking character for your website is to pay for one, pay someone to make one or buy one straight out. It is the most straight forward way to attaining a needed mascot of your choice and your preference with the simple instructions you gave on how you wanted it. You usually hire a graphics design company to make one and it would cost you quite an amount depending on the designer and his price range for his works. Remember that graphic designers are artists and sell their three dimensional doodling skills for a hefty price as not many people can do or think of doing what they do. These characters made by the graphic designers will be exactly what you want if not more but choose your artist carefully, there are times an artist’s taste does not suit and match the client’s. What makes this the most interesting way on how to get a website character? It is that the company would be the people to attach it to your website and might try being affiliates on it to draw in more customers. In this way, you have a cycle of business going on even as people visit your site and admire your mascot and they gain more clients who wish to have their own graphical characters.

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