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Review: No monthly fees. Premium quality video.
Length: Unlimited is competing in an industry that undergone a surge of growth over the past decade.  They offer a unique service in which you pay their models to speak any message that you want.  You can then insert that recording into your website.  This is most commonly seen on home pages, opt-in pages, and sales pages.  They have become well known for offering a high video and audio quality on all of their recordings.  But is this the right choice for your?  Here is an in-depth review of to help you decide.

An Overview of the Process

There are really two important steps to this process in which you are involved.  The first is picking your model and the second is uploading the file to your website.  Currently, they have 12 different models to choose that offer a wide range of looks and sounds.  Not only will you get to see a head shot of each model, but also get to see and hear them in action.  This ensures that you choose a model that has exactly what you want.

Once you select your model, you have a couple more decisions to make.  The first is whether you want the video to be of their face, from the waist up, or their full body.  You also need to choose how tall you want them be (ranging from 220 pixels to 330 pixels).  Finally you need to choose their wardrobe styles (casual or business) and enter the script that you want them to read.

Once the model has completed your project, will send you a group of files and special HTML code.  Now you need to upload the files and code to your site.  Plus, if you need help they offer full support for free.  This ensures that it looks and feels exactly like you want.  Plus, the videos have a transparent background so you don’t have to worry about them clashing with your website design.  In most cases, you will receive the completed project within 7 to 10 days.

How Much Does Cost?

The cost for this service is entirely reliant on how long your script is.  The lowest price is $37 for up to 10 words, which may be all you need for a quick introduction video or welcome message for your website.  One the high end of the spectrum, is a price of $97 for 51 to 75 words.  If you have a longer script than that, it is an additional $1 per work above 75.  You can also add any special instructions for hard to pronounce words or choose a particular set of words to emphasize.

Review of

Overall, this service has become extremely popular, which isn’t hard to believe.  They offer a very professional service at a decent price.  With such a wide range of live models and speaking styles, it is unlikely that you won’t find one that is a perfect fit for what you need.  The only potential drawback is if you have an exceptionally long script that needs to be read, however that is true for all voice-over and model recording services.

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