Spokesperson Factory

Length: 15 seconds
Price: $79.95
Review: Create your own video and save

Spokesperson Factory makes it possible for you to create and show transparent video clips, also known as website spokespeople, on your website. No technical knowledge is required.

All you need is a hi-definition digital video camera to create video spokespeople for your web pages today! SpokespersonFactory.com is the only place where you can upload your video clips and within hours wow your website visitors with transparent web spokespeople.

Create a Web Spokesperson in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Shoot your video clip then purchase the Spokesperson Factory video that is closest to your clip’s total running time (TRT).
  2. Upload your video clip and enter information about your video clip and select processing options.
  3. You receive notice via email, usually within 24 hours, that your Spokesperson Factory Video is ready for ‘pickup’. You’ll be given instructions on how to copy and paste the code into the bottom of the HTML in your web page.
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